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Best online casino bonuses are by and large the only way a casino can stand out among fierce competition and attract attention necessary for survival. While land-based casinos can get customers with fancy architecture,  impressive tech and staff’s personal charisma, all online casinos can really show for themselves is their honest word (plus good reviews and possibly feedback from independent, respected auditors) – and bonuses.

Why do Casinos give you bonuses?

Survival of the fittest is as simple as that – whoever can dish out the biggest bonus with the lowest rollover gets a lion’s share of customers and most of the profits. Others slowly die because of lack of funding. Bonuses are the backbone of online gambling casinos.

Another way to make a profit is to cheat customers out of winning by using software that doesn’t let them win, fake reviews or let clients win and then not give up the money. That simple yet effective technique yields results in the short term. A casino gets its share of innocent customers’ cash before it gets found out and busted by the watchdog organisations, which is by that point irrelevant because the administration is smoking expensive cigars on an island in the Caribbean.

That is why it is important to choose casinos carefully, and the best idea is to choose that have been in the business for a while, have a good reputation and are ideally affiliated with a few known auditing companies. There’s a list below of the Olympic winners of online gambling (Betway, Ruby Fortune, and Bodog), a few words to consider about general legality of online gambling in Canada, and a quick need-to-know breakdown of main types of bonuses and what to expect from them in case you want to choose the one that suits you best.

There’s an afterword about payment systems worth using in Canada to avoid scenarios where you’re:

Like everything serious, winning takes serious research and making educated decisions, but above all – knowing what’s right for you. Fail to prepare=prepare to fail.

Bonuses in Canada: How to get them and what to remember

The story of bonuses goes pretty much like the story of everything else created in the world. Everything starts nice and clean, the lines are clear, the skies are blue…And then someone comes in and starts to force restrictions and making money on the things that were previously free. Just like land, food and sex, what came without charge to begin with, casino bonuses that were provided by a few casinos in the beginning now come at a price, which is often a very steep price.

Online casino with best bonuses come with a Playthrough of a given quantity (for example, 20X or 50X), meaning that that is how much you have to bet your money in order to get the bonus. Additionally, there is a truly devilish invention called Game Contribution, which means that some games only partially contribute to the Playthrough. For example, Roulette may only contribute 10% to the Playthrough, which means that it’s only doing a tenth of the job that a game with a 100% Contribution would do, and in this case you have to make your bet respectively 200 or 500 times before unlocking the bonus. A bonus with a 1X Playthrough would be ideal, of course, but usually players try to go for something realistic (which 500*B is not). There are legends about bonuses with no Playthrough, but, like Agent Bourne and Agent, 007, they’re extremely rarely seen. Sometimes it happens (and this one is an ancient legend) that some casinos get compensated for every new clients as a result of some big promo, but that hardly ever happens because of something casinos call “client abuse”: in that case there’s nothing stopping you joining, calming the bonus and getting out – and then the casino goes broke if everyone does it.

Not that we have gone over the underwater rocks and underwater currents (it is absolutely necessary to check Terms and Conditions before signing up for anything) and before we go into types of bonuses, let’s separate them broadly into two categories:

Cashable sign-up bonuses are bonuses you get to keep for yourself after you meet the wagering requirements.

Non-cashable (i.e. sticky) bonuses are the ones you can bet and keep the money you won but can’t cash out.

Types of Bonuses

Here’s a quick, no-nonsense guide to types of bonuses and what to watch out for in best online casinos:

A Sign-Up Bonus, or a Welcome Bonus is usually a Match Bonus with percentage of your deposit. It is usually a 100% Match Bonus, and it comes with a minimum you can deposit and a maximum you can claim. When you become a member, you can get it only once, and there are usually very strict restrictions about “one bonus per person, household, library, University”, etc. Wagering Requirements are normally very high for this type of bonus, because this is free money the casino gifts to players. Playthrough may be very high, especially with games with low house edge like Blackjack whole low Game Contribution threshold will multiply the Playthrough.

A Reload Bonus is kind of like the twenty dollars you get every time you complete a full circle on a Monopoly board. They are also called loyalty bonuses or monthly bonuses. Every month you get a bonus for staying with the casino, so it is basically like a loyalty card. It’s not as much, normally, as a Welcome Bonus, but the amount ultimately will depend on how busy you were making bets.

Payment Method Bonus

These are bonuses you get for using a certain type of payment method, usually because of deals casinos get for collaborating with certain service providers. Use an e-wallet – get a bonus. Considering you don’t have to do much to get it, this is a nice move. These can be quite rare though, and also you will have to think of hidden fees this service may bring like service charges and currency conversion fees.

High Roller Bonuses are designed for people who bet a lot and play a lot. Especially for the very rich there are super-attractive bonuses which are way more seductive than the ones offered to regular players. They can go over $10 000 and more.

A Refer A Friend Bonus basically does what it says on the tin: for everyone you brought to the casino who bet a certain amount you receive a certain sum of money. That way a casino tries to spread its influence in the same way that a viral video would, although lately these bonuses are not very common.

In case with a CashBack Bonus you get your money back when you lose (normally a percentage of it) – and often when you win. It will normally look like “10% on Live Roulette Bonus” and ten percent of the money you win or lose will be granted to you by the end of the promo period given that you have fulfilled the wagering requirements.

There are also Mobile Bonuses for players on mobile phones in addition to the regular ones.

Game-Specific Bonuses are awarded to players of one particular game if it is your lucky day.

To sum up, know one type of bonus from another and choose wisely the one that suits your needs. Consider the following carefully:

  1. The sum
  2. Playthrough
  3. Which games you are to play
  4. Kind of bonus
  5. Time period

* 500*B is the format in which the actual amount of times you have to wager your money to get the bonus is stated. The lower that amount, the better, obviously. For example, 20*B and 24*B are (or were at the time) at the top of the list here because they’re very much wanted.

Best Casinos in Business (and their finest offers)

Online casino
1st deposit bonus
250%% up to 1,500$

If you’re looking for the best online casino no-deposit bonuses, as far a s the casinos are concerned, your best bet in terms of picking a casino is the one or ones that have been in the business for a while and are know for their reputation (hopefully worldwide). Here is a selection of top 3 online casinos.

Founded in 2006, Betway offers a massive selection of MicroGaming-based games, a few variations on blackjack, roulette and baccarat as well as live games and a 24/7 support section. It does state-of-the art SSL encryption and is periodically inspected by Ecogra that regularly turns up good reviews.

What makes it one of the best internet casinos is a variety of methods of deposits and withdrawals and it is currently offering a very attractive.

Betway offers casino bonuses like up to a 1000CAD Welcome Bonus:

* New customers only. Opt-in required. 100% match bonus based on first deposit of 20CAD+ up to 250CAD. Additional bonuses available on 2nd and 3rd deposits. Total max. bonus of 1000CAD. 50x bonus wagering applies. Withdrawal limitations. Other conditions apply.

Ruby Fortune has been in the business since 2003, it is one of the top casinos online and earned the title of “The Best Casino of the Year”. Ruby Fortune is licensed by Malta Gaming authority and Kahnawake Gaming Comission. MicroGaming-based, it offers a myriad of games, allows a large selection of payment options, amazing sound effects and more than 450 games, plus has a quite reasonable support group.  There is a 1111CAD Welcome Bonus (must be claimed within 7 days of a Real Account being opened, one player per household, 50 times Playthrough, 100% on all Slots and Parlour Games, 8% on the rest and 0% on excluded games like some Blackjack, Baccarats etc.).

Bodog is the oldest casino of the three (it dates back to 1994 and has been one of the best for best casino bonuses for a while). Ran by the Caribbean Nation of Antiqua, it does RTG software, offers 150 games, some of which are quite known, but does not do 24/7 gaming support other than the email version. It offers a 100 Match Welcome bonus of up to 900CAD with a likeable contribution of 25X.

Is It Legal To Gamble Online In Canada?

Disclaimer: The legal side of gambling in Canada is..not complex, but a little vague. Canadian Government allows some forms of land-based gambling on the territory. Provinces and people are waking up to gambling, and the laws are becoming more and more allowing with time. However, like with every new technology, some people are quite retrograde about it. When Jordano Bruno stated that there are many forms of planets and Suns like ours in the universe, he was burned alive, which made it a really awkward moment when scientists realized he was right years later. The same with online gambling, and gambling in general: Canadian settlers have been gambling in one form or another since the very beginning of this country, but the laws don’t yet allow it everywhere in every from, so in a few states you may come across certain restrictions like the age limit threshold and petty things like that.

Actually playing at an online casino is not illegal. For that reason bodies like Kahnawake Gaming Comission have been established with the purpose of granting licenses to casinos. Kahnawakee Comission montors casinos for a guarantee of payouts, high standards of gaming and good treatment of customers.

So gambling in itself is not illegal, but sometimes to avoid certain restrictions you have to choose locations that have conditions that work for you because provinces have autonomy over their rules and regulations.

Which Payment System Is Best For Me?

If you’re going to go outside of the country to play, you may have to use  third-party websites, and in that case, if there are limitations on the currency certain businesses accept, limited withdrawal options, security concerns, high commission and things like that, consider using the following payment systems that best suit your needs:

Visa is the number one choice for any kind of payment with a wealth of banks on the territory of Canada and abroad that accept it, multiple layers of security and quick and pretty much guaranteed money transfers. Almost all money transfers on Canadian territory are done using this service. The advantages are speed, reliability, and the fact that this card is universal and can be used practically anywhere at any time.

For everything else…there’s Mastercard. Also one of the world’s best money transfer services that offers terrific security protocols, reliability and is accepted pretty much anywhere. Mastercard also does prepaid cards as well as debit and credit cards, although sometimes you may encounter problems trying to withdraw with this card. More on prepaid cards to follow, but one good thing about them is that they come with a limit, which you will certainly appreciate if you’re into gambling.

PaySafe card allow the player to purchase prepaid cards in certain amounts of CAD and then use the 16-digit on the card code to make a transaction. That’s handy if you want to avoid displaying your banking details to other people.

One of the most widely used services for online gambling in Canada is Instadebit. It drastically reduced processing times, does instant deposits and withdrawals, requires little paperwork, and pays a lot of attention to its security networks.


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